Specialist Consultants
For busy General Practitioners and Consultants who wish to refer their private patients to the best specialists.

GP & Consultant Users
To use Clinician360 you need to login. New users must first register to request their unique login details.

When you are logged in you can:
• Refer a patient
• Review your referral history
• Use the secure messaging service
• Nominate a Consultant
• Change your password
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Please note, once nominated, a specialist must be approved by a Clinician360 peer, before being considered by Clinician360's MAC
Consultant Members
Once successfully nominated, invited Consultant Members should login below using the unique login details which have been emailed to you.

When you are logged in you can:
• Update your consultant profile
• Manage your referrals
• Check your message box
• Change your password

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Please note, Consultant Members must login via the GP & Consultant Users area if you wish to nominate or refer patients to other specialists.
What makes Clinician360 different?
Clinician360 is much more than just another Consultant database.

The 'Consultant Membership' and 'Instant Referral & Messaging Services' make Clinician360 unique.

Instant Referral & Messaging Services
1. Clinician360's Instant Referral Service enables referring doctors to book an appointment with the chosen Specialist

2. Referring doctors can communicate with Specialists with The Clinician360 secure messaging system
1. Clinician360 only allows membership to Consultants in private practice that have been
a. Recommended by a GP or Consultant and
b. Approved by Clinician360's Medical Advisory Committee (MAC)

2. Any GP or consultant can nominate a Consultant for membership

3. Consultant members are continually monitored through feedback from GPs and patients

4. Clinician360's MAC have the right to review and if appropriate withdraw consultant membership, in the event of unsatisfactory feedback
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