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Damian Lake Ophthalmologist


Specialist in Ophthalmology

Corneal surgery, Refractive surgery,

  • Name Mr Damian Lake
    GMC Number 4429432
    Post Code
    Speciality Ophthalmology
    Sub-Speciality Corneal surgery, Refractive surgery,
    Work Place The Queen Victoria Hospital and Eye Bank
    East Grinstead
    RH19 3DZ
    Clinic Times
    Monday 08:30 To 21:00
    Tuesday 08:30 To 21:00
    Wednesday 08:30 To 21:00
    Thursday 08:30 To 21:00
    Friday 08:30 To 21:00
    Saturday 08:30 To 21:00
    Sunday --:-- To --:--
  • Qualifications MB,ChB,FRCOphth
    Specialist Interest Corneal Transplantation
    Refractive Surgery
    Regenerative medicine
    Profile Summary Mr Damian Lake is a Consultant Ophthalmologist and Lead for Cornea,External Diseases and Refractive surgery at The Queen Victoria Hospital and Eye Bank.
    Affiliations The McIndoe Surgical Centre
    Holtye Road
    East Grinstead
    RH19 3EB
    Website www.damianlake.com
  • Regenerative medicine
    Stem cells
    Intraocular lenses
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