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Our Team : Jeremy George
Jeremy George
Consultant Physician in Respiratory Medicine

I treat patients with a wide variety of respiratory problems. I also have particular interests in interventional bronchoscopy and early lung cancer detection. I use a variety of techniques (laser bronchoscopy, endobronchial radiotherapy and airway stenting) to relieve breathlessness in patients with lung cancer and other tumours. I employ autofluorescence bronchoscopy to detect early lung cancers and pre-cancerous changes in the upper airways and use photodynamic therapy (PDT) to treat early lung cancers in patients unable to undergo surgery. I am a principal investigator in a multicentre UK trial evaluating lung cancer screening in high-risk patients. I am also developing techniques to relieve breathlessness in patients with benign strictures of the upper airways and have established The National Centre for Airway Reconstruction in London in collaboration with Mr Guri Sandhu.

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