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Clinician360 was established by a group of specialists and GPs with the aim of creating a searchable database of leading medical experts in private practice. 

Our mission

  • Create a professional network of the UK’s leading private specialists
  • Provide GPs with a rapid search tool for specialists
  • Provide seamless GP to consultant referrals and communication

What is Clinician360 ?
Clinician360 is a searchable database of the UKs leading private specialists designed for use by GP's. To gain membership, each specialist must be nominated by a GP and reviewed by Clinician360's Medical Advisory Committee.

We believe that by combining the views of GP's and Consultant specialists, we have been able to select the leading private specialists from each speciality in the UK.

Our Search tool allows rapid identification of an appropriate specialist by name, speciality, sub-specialty or condition. Referring a patient to a selected specialist takes less than a minute and can be performed in clinic while with a patient if necessary. The specialists office can respond with an appointment confirmation immediately.

Clinician360 offers GP's

  • A search engine to find consultants by specialty, name or illness
  • A secure referral tool to refer patients to specialists
  • A messaging system to allow secure communication with specialists
  • A recommendation tool to allow GP's to nominate specialists they believe provide a first class service to private patients

How a Specialist gains membership

  1. The Specialist is nominated by a GP
  2. The Specialist is then reviewed and seconded by a specialist within the same field, from Clinician360's Medical Advisory Committee
  3. The seconded Specialist is finally reviewed by the whole committee before being invited to become a member

 What are the selection criteria for Specialist members ?

A variety of selection criteria are used, but the essential qualities sought are:

  • Specialist is on the General Medical Council Specialist register
  • Clinical expertise within their specialty and sub-specialty
  • Patient communication skills
  • Honesty
  • Surgical expertise within their specialty and sub-specialty
  • Reliability
  • Availability 

How is Clinician360 funded ?
For more information about the way Clinician360 is funded, please call us 01276 691199.

Meet the Clinician360 team

Our committee comprises GPs and Specialists from every clinical field. 


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